1/52 – Santa Maria della Salute

Font at Santa Maria della Salute, Venice. Copyright Fiona Michie.

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a photography workshop in Venice. Our first visit was to the church of Santa Maria della Salute in Dorsoduro during the Sunday morning mass. Despite being a complete non-believer, I’ve always felt uncomfortable taking pictures in places of worship so I focussed on little details and tried not to intrude too much. In a moment when I was feeling rather tired and lacklustre I leant back against one of the pillars and stopped shooting random rubbish for a minute. Call it divine inspiration, good fortune or whatever, I happened to look to my left and saw this perfect reflection in the font.

Mosaic pavement, Santa Maria della Salute. Copyright Fiona Michie.

I tried and tried to get a decent shot of the glorious mosaic in the centre of the church and finally, when I stopped focussing on the cross-section and looked instead at the way the spirals worked, I got what I wanted.

Devotional candles, Santa Maria della Salute. Copyright Fiona Michie.

Finally, nothing says Catholic church to me more than these little red foil devotional candles. I’d have liked more detail in the flames, but the draught was against me so I focussed in on the dripped wax instead.


2 comments on “1/52 – Santa Maria della Salute

  1. Just signed on to follow The Sobbing Kailyard without even knowing what the hell a kailyard is. (Looked it up, though: cottage garden; genre of sentimental Scots lit?)
    But why sobbing??
    Great photos…told you I loved the one of the reflected window. Looks wonderful. Delighted too that you liked the pizza pix of you and Andy.
    Next time in Umbria!…Molto amore, F&J


    • A kailyard is a Scottish islands thing, the garden of a croft I believe. The sobbing bit is a line from a melodramatic poem someone once wrote for me as a sort of joke, “…shedding its hard quartz tears into the sobbing kailyard”. I like the way it sounds and I couldn’t think of anything photography related that hadn’t already been taken!


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