7/52 A Winter’s Day in Folkestone

Having set aside today for some photography, I was most put out when this morning brought relentless rain. However, come the afternoon it stopped so I took myself down to the harbour in Folkestone to see what I could do with a white sky (ugh!) and a fairly miserable winter day. Somehow the day suited the bleak open space where the amusement park used to be, which is now a puddle-strewn expanse of concrete leading down to the sea. The two poles with a bell strung between them are an artwork from the Folkestone Triennial in 2013. The bell was once the workers’ shift bell at the amusement park, I believe.

Old amusement park bell, Folkestone. Copyright Fiona Michie.

Moving around the corner to another part of Folkestone which is now abandoned but has a poignant history, this is the old station on the harbour arm from where the boat train to France left. For thousands of troops, this was the last contact they had with British soil before leaving for the front. Now overgrown and dilapidated, it has a certain sad atmosphere about it, yet there are elements of what must have been a rather lovely station with a superb sweeping curved roof.

Harbour arm station, Folkestone. Copyright Fiona Michie.

These two were both taken at the harbour. The Herring Gull is the most common bird in Folkestone by a long shot, you can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing one, or having it steal your chips or poo on your head. In the summer these juveniles make a massive racket every morning at about 5am. Fishing used to be the industry of this town, now the fleet is very small indeed, but it’s nice to see working boats like ‘The Boy Callum’ still.

Finally, this last image is representative of Folkestone’s links with the Ska music scene and the Ska festival that takes place here every summer. I love this cheerful dancing mod on the wall of one of the buildings by the harbour.

Dancing Man, Folkestone. Copyright Fiona Michie.

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