8/52 Kentish Churches, A Walk

Yesterday afternoon saw me striding out in the Kent countryside with most of the Rice clan. We left a sunny window seat under a garland of hops at the pub with some reluctance and braved a rather biting north-easterly wind to walk from Bridge to Bishopsbourne. Not far, but a nice stroll in typically rolling Kent countryside. I took my camera along, thinking I might get some interesting landscapes, but as I find is so often the case, a pretty landscape scene with a couple of beautiful old manor houses did not translate well to photographs. All was not lost however, as we poked our noses into two fine old churches during the course of the walk: St Peter’s, Bridge and St Mary the Virgin, Bishopsbourne, both of which provided some interesting shots.

The first of these was taken at St Mary the Virgin. The crackled, and in some places dented metal and the shape of the organ pipes caught my eye and lent itself rather nicely to a close-in black and white shot.

Organ pipes, St Mary the Virgin, Bishopsbourne. Copyright Fiona Michie.

The next two were taken at St Peter’s in Bridge. I love gargoyles and grotesques, they’re a weirdly light-hearted element of the serious solid architecture of English churches and they make me smile. The boggled eyed, slack-jawed one leering down at passers by particularly caught my fancy and the one on the right with its softened edges shows the effects of time and weather on the stone.

Finally, an interior shot at St Peter’s. The low winter light was in the right place here, just highlighting the top of the pews and the edge of the columns, leaving everything else in darkness.



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