9/52 – The Warren

Well, what with full weeks of commuting to London and weekend tennis matches, not to mention coping with what the changeable British weather is throwing at us, this weekly photo task is getting harder and harder and it looks like I may have fallen behind again. Anyway, this morning brought sunshine so we decided to head down to a favourite Folkestone walking spot, the Warren. The paths here take you along underneath the white(ish) chalk cliffs this part of the south coast is famous for. The scrubland behind the cliffs was used in the past by Smugglers and romantic tales abound of ancient tunnels leading to the cellars of certain public houses. It’s a great place to wander, but it is really hard to photograph, especially when a sea fret comes in like it did this morning.


Blue haze over Folkestone’s harbour arm. Copyright Fiona Michie.

One of the best parts of going down to the Warren is that moment when you reach the bottom of the tunnel-like path with huge Buddleia plants looming either side and the salty tang of spray and the ozone taste of sea air first hits you. The white cliffs stretch out ahead and to the side of you and the lines on the path seem to draw you into the walk. Alongside the black and white shot of the under-cliff path is a bright colour you see a lot of by the sea, the rich coppery reds and deep burgundy of corroding metal losing its battle with the salt spray.

Finally, the Warren is a popular place for dog walkers and this beautiful Husky adopted us for a large part of the return walk, trotting happily alongside us. I couldn’t resist a portrait, she was such a gorgeous dog.

Husky. Copyright Fiona Michie.

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