12/52 Boats at Dungeness

Dungeness is a curious place, it is Britain’s only official desert, yet the wildlife there is abundant thanks to the algae blooms caused by warm water from the nuclear reactor. If you describe Dungeness to a person who hasn’t visited it, it’s hard for them to imagine the appeal of a desert promontory with a nuclear reactor and a wasteland of decaying fishing industry paraphernalia, yet appeal it has in bucketloads. It’s the very bleakness of Dungeness that attracts artists and photographers to tramp around over shingle banks (a great leg workout) and poke around crumbling fishing huts and the skeletons of old fishing boats.

This series of photos is of the boats of Dungeness, firstly those old decaying boats abandoned to the elements on the shingle banks. I was hoping for a day of dramatic skies for this outing, but instead we got uniform blue and crisp sunshine. I’m not complaining, it was glorious for the first picnic of the year, but more interesting light would have created a bit more drama.

I was lucky with the next shot as we stumbled upon a phenomenon I’ve not seen before at Dungeness, the large and quite still pools that form as the tide starts to rise. The light was right for a glorious reflection of the ‘Rebecca’, a working fishing boat that is kept in excellent condition, its gleaming paintwork highlighted by the proximity of the skeleton boats.

‘Rebecca’ reflected, Dungeness. Copyright Fiona Michie.



Decaying boat, Dungeness. Copyright Fiona Michie.

2 comments on “12/52 Boats at Dungeness

    • Ciao Frank, Dungeness is the very end of a spit of land on the Kent coast, near Romney Marsh. It’s bleak and wonderful and great for fishing apparently due to the nuclear reactor. I think what you know as Dungeness crab is what we call brown crab, or just crab. We don’t have a lot of varieties here! Dungeness Map


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