14/52 A Different Angle.

It’s easy to get into same old, same old mode with photography, so I thought I’d have a look at putting a different spin on things this week. This came partly due to a revelation when I was taking the first of these pics, that of the roof of the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone. It’s a quirky building and it should make far more interesting photos than it does, but for some reason I always end up with a bit of a nothing photo. I was pondering this phenomenon when it occurred to me to turn the camera on the diagonal and make the pyramid roof fill the entire image. Yes, it’s a bit vertiginous but I liked the result so I tried the technique on a few more shots. Not too many though, one can have too much of a slanting horizon. The point of the exercise though being a reminder to myself that the camera doesn’t have to be used in either straight up and down portrait or landscape, there are angles in between.


Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Sweeping circles. Copyright Fiona Michie.

This last shot very definitely gives you the impression that you might fall off the edge of the earth, but it turned out that the photography fates were against me when I tried to take a decent shot of the somewhat controversial new war memorial (that arch is more than a bit McDonald’s and it’s right outside McDonald’s too!). Informative tourist signage, street furniture and the local youth really get in the way of a good shot of the arch, so the only way around it was to tip it on its side.

WWI memorial, Folkestone. Copyright Fiona Michie.

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