17/52 A Day at the Beach

Once again, the idea of the weekly blog post for my project 52 has gone flying out of the window. All I can say in my defence is that tennis matches can absorb quite a lot of weekend time. These photos were actually taken at the end of April, on a day typical of that month, which started out with glorious sunshine and a bright blue sky, which turned an ominous slate grey when we got to the beach at Greatstone. I actually really like the effect a dark brooding grey sky has on the light when there’s still sunshine to go with it and the colours in the first image somehow look so much brighter because of the impending rain storm. Some enterprising individual had cycled this ice-cream fridge to the beach, and I thought the bright red looked fantastic against the blue-grey background.

Ice cream bicycle, Greatstone. Copyright Fiona Michie.

The beach at Greatstone, near New Romney is one of those where, when the tide goes out, it really goes out. The sea disappears into the far distance, leaving a huge expanse of mud and sand and a feeling of space and big skies which reminds me of Norfolk. I tried to capture that spacious feeling in the next shot, which shows the cliffs of Folkestone and Dover in the distance. I liked the father and son playing in the pool in the foreground, but I really wish I’d taken the time to position them to one side, rather than dead centre.

Paddling, Greatstone. Copyright Fiona Michie.

The final shot I have cropped into a panorama. It was taken when the sky was getting darker by the second, although the really dark bit is out of shot, off to the left. The houses at Littlestone were lit by a shaft of sunlight and, although there’s a bit of a haze, I like the muted colours and that sense of space again.

Littlestone, from Greatstone beach. Copyright Fiona Michie.



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