21/52 Sussex Prairie Garden

We were down in Sussex staying with my parents last week and they took us to a wonderful garden, The Sussex Prairie Garden. It’s one of those heart-warming sorts of places, a dreamy wild prairie garden, created by local people who are passionate about plants and know how to use them to great effect.

Before we went, I had mental images of the sorts of photos I would be taking – great sweeping landscapes with dancing grasses and subtle tones, but it was yet another grey day, so I contented myself with detail instead. But not of plants this time, instead I looked at details of the rather wonderful artwork that was on display throughout the garden: beautiful copper sculptures of buds, ferns and seeds, a small herd of 2D rusty buffalo, and coloured glass pieces dotted through the borders to catch the eye.

It was the totem poles made using driftwood and bits and pieces from junk shops that really caught my imagination though, and if I had a spare thousand or two kicking around I may well have bought one. I loved the pitted texture of the wood, the verdigris on a bent copper fork and rust on other metal components, the apparent glow of a glass door knob wedged into a nook in one of them and these piercing green eyes …

Totem face. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Totem face. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Driftwood Madonna. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Verdigris fork. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Glass door knob with rusted metal (and bonus family portrait!). Copyright Fiona Michie.

I will end this post with some bad news. My trusty old Canon 40D has developed the dreaded unspecific “Error 99”. I am currently wrestling with it and trying all the quick fixes I know, but the prognosis does not look good. At any rate, there may be a few weeks without posts, putting me even further behind my weekly post target than I am already! Either that or I will be forced to see what I can do with an iPhone. Watch this space …


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