34/52 Autumn (by iPhone)

In the interests of science, and sheer laziness – my camera is quite heavy, you know – I decided to use this post to see what, if anything I could capture only using an iPhone camera. Apple have done a massive advertising campaign on this very premise and I grant that some of the “shot on iPhone” pics are pretty impressive, so I set off on a walk armed only with my iPhone 5C hoping I could achieve similar results. The parameters I set myself were that I was only allowed to employ minimal editing on exposure, cropping and transfer from colour to monochrome if required. All other filters were out of bounds, as were colour alterations etc.

The afternoon when these were shot was before the heatwave that hit the UK this week and just as we set off for a walk, a sea fret came in, creating an eerie, misty autumnal atmosphere.

Birches. Copyright Fiona Michie.

The woods further contributed to the feeling of a change of seasons, as they produced russet leaves, bright green horse chestnut shells, vibrant lichen and a scattering of fungi, all accompanied by that earthy leaf litter scent.


I have to admit that the iPhone does a pretty good job as a backup snappy camera and I actually quite like some of the stuff I shot, particularly the compositions. However, I really, really missed having a proper macro lens when I was trying to get shots of mushrooms like this one, which I think may be a yellow stainer.



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