41/52 Water – Freezing Motion

This week I had one of those really valuable sessions with my camera, where you go somewhere you’re familiar with and just spend some time working on an element of photography you need time to get to grips with, without the pressure of looking for that amazing shot.

We were down at the Warren in Folkestone on a breezy autumn day when the tide was high and waves were crashing over the concrete sea defences. I suddenly realised that it was a perfect opportunity to get my head around shutter speed. Now, I do understand shutter speed, but it has always been the setting that I’m lazy about. I suppose I do take quite a lot of stationary objects so, apart from playing with long exposures at night, my shutter speed tends to stay at 125, and the faster shutter speeds never get a look in. I felt it was high time I remedied this and decided to play about a bit and try and freeze the motion of the waves as they hit the rocks and concrete.

Now, a lot of what I took went straight in the virtual rubbish bin, but I was quite pleased with the effects I managed to achieve on these three shots, although maybe an even faster shutter speed was needed. At any rate, I vow that I will make better use of the shutter speed dial in future.

Wave. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Wave hitting sea defences. Copyright Fiona Michie.
Shoreline. Copyright Fiona Michie.

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