43/52 An Autumn Walk

Apologies for more autumnal pictures, but the season is so full of colour and interest that I couldn’t resist posting these from a lovely walk we did the other day.

The first selection are classic autumn themes: colourful leaves, mushrooms and the prickly heads of teasels. I can’t see the latter without thinking of my Grandmother, who used to imperiously stand by directing us to the least accessible teasels to cut for her autumn dried flower arrangements whilst my Dad and I got very muddy indeed on the flood plains by the River Adur.

Mushroom. Copyright Fiona Michie.

The next two aren’t strictly related to autumn, but I’m including them as I liked them and they contrast with each other nicely. The first was an old grave in the churchyard near us. The dappled sun just came through the trees and lit the face of the cherub, leaving all around it dark. The second is a rather spooky sight which greeted us as we came out of a little patch of marshy woodland on our walk.


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