Project 365, Days 1-14

The new year has begun and with it my Project 365 challenge. My goal is to post a photo a day for every day of the year. The rules/parameters I have set myself are as follows:

  1. The photo must be taken on the day that it is posted, no storing up photos to last a week.
  2. The theme is detail, so every day should be a close-up shot or one focusing on a small element of a landscape or building.
  3. Minimal use of the Instagram filters. I am not ruling them out completely as they have their place, but most of the time I am aiming for #nofilter.
  4. All photos to be taken using my iPhone for convenience.

I knew it would be challenging trying to find something interesting to photograph each day, but nothing had prepared me for those cold, wet January days when you’re stuck inside desperately turning over your possessions to find a new angle on something. I also find the reduction of camera shake a bit of a problem, it is far harder to steady a phone for a closeup than a solid camera. The results from the first two weeks therefore are varied, but I think my phone photography technique is improving.

The following mosaic shows the photos from week 1 …

And the next mosaic contains the photos from week 2 …


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