2017/2 Highland Cattle Portraits

We found this mini herd of beautiful Highland Cattle on a walk at the bottom of the North Downs near Folkestone the other day, about as far from the Highlands as you can get and still be in the UK. They are fine-looking beasts with their shaggy coats and ginger manes, not to mention those fearsome horns. The light was low and a bit difficult, but cropping in close and getting rid of the background (thank you for the tip Frank) resulted in some interesting portraits.

All photographs Copyright Fiona Michie.



One comment on “2017/2 Highland Cattle Portraits

  1. NOW you’re talking!…Great stuff. Large horizontal at top may be my fave; looks as if it may be yours as well. Reminds me of the time MANY years ago (I am talking maybe 40 years ago) when Judy and I were attending classes at the then-Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport/, Me.So long ago we went as students, not teachers. A gorgeous herd of Belted Galloway’s was in a field–oft photographed for their white middles–but I was drawn to a huge bull by the fence. Gingerly I got out with my flash and made a slow shutter speed flash pic through the slats, framing the beast’s woolly head. The slow shutter added ominous movement, but the flash froze a gorgeous baleful blue eye and downward stare. I call the pic ‘Elvis’ Eyes.’


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