My name is Fiona Michie, I’m an amateur photographer living in Kent and I’ve started 0X9A6585this blog to encourage me to get out there and take more photos and really work on improving my technique. As I enjoyed completing a Project 52 in 2016, I have decided to graduate to a Project 365 in 2017, focusing on detail – 365 Days of Detail. As it is unrealistic to post on a daily basis, I will be making use of Instagram for the daily post with a weekly roundup on this blog. You can follow me at https://www.instagram.com/fimichie

For all those who love the techie stuff, I shoot with a Canon 7D Mark ii. My kit lenses are an 18-200mm zoom, a fixed 50mm prime lens, a 60mm macro lens, a 10-22mm wide angle and a very basic Lens Baby Spark. However, for this year’s Project 365, I will mostly be using my iPhone camera as I am unable to carry a camera when working.

I don’t really have a specialism, it is probably easier to say what I don’t do (wildlife and people are not strong points, although I have been working on both) but I am particularly keen on detail and abstracts. I try and use editing software as little as possible, preferring to attempt to get it right on the camera. I’m not averse to the odd adjustment of exposure and alignment though, or the cropping of annoying things that creep into shot without you noticing them. I like dark moody shots, unusual angles and dramatic light.


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